My Encouragement!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

I am not a robot!

I love you is so simple to say,
But what happens when you realize
What those words truly mean.
How bluntly there were times
when you said it without knowing
What it really feels.

May be you need to loose a few times
To know the passion those words
really bring.
To have experienced pain of loosing it
to the world,
To have to let it go when all you want to do is endure it.
To have to say goodbye when you desperately seek their presence
wherever you go.

I love you! I have said it a few times
But when was the last time I truly
meant it.
Losses are meant to scar.
And love is meant to heal them.
But then there are times when
you are someone else's love
And someone else's sadness.
What do you then?
Whom do you pick?
Answers just don't come by
and when they come by
either the timing is wrong
Or the world has set its
irreversible phase.

You are stuck forever wondering
Will you ever get one chance to
make it right?
And by fate if you'd get one
Will you make the same mistake again?

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Your Absence

So tell me
How it is that your day goes by?
My absence
Has it made any difference?
Giving you a chance to
Live through what I
Have been living for ages...!
But I know
How indifferent you can be.!
It didn't matter then
It won't matter now..
The void will stay
no matter the glamor life carries around..
You haven't missed me
The way I had missed you..!
Every second stabbed the beating
Heart only to bleed and bleed tears..
You will not know the price
I have paid to love you..
Neither will you acknowledge
How the absence takes away
the bits and pieces of soul
Wanting to be rescued,
Only to realize the more I tried
To free myself
The more I sunk in destruction ,
And the less you and your presence

Monday, May 7, 2018

Thoughts for soul

'Change' can never define love..

Neithr can 'adjustments'..

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Dramas of love

Of all the dramas I have been
Seeing these few days,
I love the ones where they held
On to their love against all odds.
I still watch it in awe
These scenes the actors enact
Resembling glimpses of true love.
How hypnotized I feel when
They walk at the heels to catch another
Given if they fall.
These little acts of romance
These cheezy lines of enchantment
The jealousy, excitement, fling,
Flirtations.. The story.
They make you fall in love with
The idea of love.
It makes love more believable.
Something even the ordinary
Can Behold
To believe in the naive essence of
What belief and perseverance can get you.

Only if you truly possess the lunacy
you can always persuade
your insanity to the one
Who Makes your heart flutter,
Who makes you wanna wake
Up day after day
And survive the war of loneliness
I see people fight each day.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Tinge of sadness

Love comes with a tinge of sadness..
You have been replaced truly
By what I've always wanted..
Someone I truly deserve..
Yet you shadow the glee sunshine
And your thought surfaces
The darkness I try and keep buried..
I don't at times know what
Has become of me..
This person afraid of commitments..
I wasn't this..
I believed in love
And the happiness love got..
Now love comes with a tinge of sadness...
Yet I cherish it..
I have got the perfect one..
I don't want to be to him
What you have been to me....!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Silent tears

"I am leaving" she said to him on phone. "Meet me one last time please" he begged her. "Alright" she said.
He opened the door. There she was, standing in silence. Looking at him in despair. He gestured her to come in. A deep silence that had gripped their hearts now seem to have spread in the room. An hour passed. All they did was stare at each other waiting for the other one to break down. No one of the two showed any remorse. She gave a smile and got up to leave. The time had come. He held her hand and gestured her to sit. She sat on his lap, slowly tilting her head on his chest. Her legs brought up on the couch. He held her as if he held a baby,tightly clenching her around by his both hands. And they cried for hours together in silence. Tears rolling down their eyes drop after other. The universe had given up on them a long time ago. This sadness was their only shelter, a sheild they used to breathe in every emotion. Remembering each other every day and not doing anything about it. Neither they looked at each other, nor they consoled each other. They just sat there destroying every bit of their soul that was still alive. He cried in silence. She cried in silence. She left. He closed the door trying to soak in what it felt to hold her. He remembered that feeling again. His hands trembling. He knew he had lost.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


I have lost the count of
The number of times
I have deleted you...
Unfelt your presence..
Unlearned the memories..
Forgot the love..
Embraced the pain..
Blocked your thoughts..
Time to block you again for
the millionth time...
And the last time...
Should have done it ages ago..
But my good got over me.
Over time my weak memory
Had deleted the distress
And sadness you brought..
Life never makes you forget though..
And we get reminded of our mistakes
Time and again..
I love who I am now..
Strong, independent and fearless..
Of all you should be the last person
Telling me who I should be..
God saved me from a disaster..
For this I thank him
A zillion times...
You need to be buried..
This and all Other lifetimes..
You have met me here..
Don't follow elsewhere..
Time to burn it,
Delete it,
Block it,
Forget it,
Regret it,
Bury it
Now and forever....

Friday, March 30, 2018

Old diaries

Some mistakes
And a few repent..
Quite some lives they change..
Come back to say sory..

but will few griefs it mend?
One forgets, forgives and moves on..
Yet they say after a long time I am still  hanging on..

Saturday, March 24, 2018

My Game

I will always keep my guard up.
You'll never know
the truth behind all the words.
Traveled and yet stagnant,
Your fragrance I will always remember;
But won't confront till
I'd get over you.
It will always be you, though
I'll deny it a million times.
The guard has to be up,
That's my rule.
This game of words is mine love,
I can't let you win,
When you made me loose.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Wage A War

I feel you,
Presence carved into the deepest wall
Of my soul...
So as every try to love another
Goes in vain...
The tied and trapped
Lovers aren't we...
Lost like the treasures of great kings,
We lost each other; treasures in itself.
Be it your fault or mine..
In the end we wandered.
Exactly what the universe wanted..
We should have battled..
Waged a war with the imbecile universe..
How dare it'd attempt to bring this on one soul..
My soul..
Why did we let it get to us?

Should I change my name..
Or hide yours from everyone..
How can I?
Everytime I bleed, I still bleed you..
The darkness dwells and the cold moon
Teases every time I try and leave..
I am caught with you somewhere..
There is no freeing from this emotion..
One scratch on you ever..
I'd still destroy everything that breathes..

Lost aren't we to all..
There is nowhere to go now.
There is no in between.
Only till this soul leaves the bone and flesh..
You said we aren't together this lifetime,
But in all the others after, I'd be yours..
Take me love.. Take me to this other lifetime..
And this time tie your soul to mine...
So the universe knows there are no two..
Next lifetime I'd be waiting..
And dare you'd escape..
I didn't burn the world this time..
But I'd burn the universe then...